Is String a Palindrome?

Is String a Palindrome?

Learn How to Test if a String is a Palindrome in Go.

In this short tutorial, we'll learn how to check if a string is a palindrome or not using Go (GoLang).

Is Palindrome

Here is the code example of how to check if a string is a palindrome:

package strings

func IsPalindrome(input string) bool {

	// If the input string length is equal to 1 it's a Palindrome.
	if len(input) == 1 {
		return true

	// Reverse the input string.
	rev := Reverse(input)

	// Check if the input string and rev string are equal.
	if input == rev {
		return true

	return false

Reverse String

Here is the code example of how to reverse a string:

package strings

func Reverse(str string) string {

	// Create a slice of runes.
	r := []rune(str)

	// Beginning index of rune slice.
	var beg int

	// Ending index of the rune slice.
	end := len(r) - 1

	// Loop until bd and end meet in the middle of the slice.
	for beg < end {

		// Swap rune
		temp := r[beg]
		r[beg] = r[end]
		r[end] = temp

		beg = beg + 1
		end = end - 1

	return string(r)


Testing our code is an essential skill and is a habit that every developer should get into doing.

Here is the example test code:

package strings

import "testing"

func TestIsPalindrome(t *testing.T) {
	// Test table of strings.
	palindromeTests := []struct {
		name     string
		input    string
		expected bool
		{"bob", "bob", true},
		{"salas", "salas", true},
		{"eve", "eve", true},

	// Loop over all test.
	for _, tt := range palindromeTests {
		var got = IsPalindrome(tt.input)
		if got {
			t.Log("Is Palindrome")
		} else {
			t.Fatalf("Got %v, Expected %v.", got, tt.expected)

Source Code

You can find the source code here: GitHub

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